About Us


Pineapple Kiss was created in 2002 by a mom at home with her two young children in Brookline, Massachusetts. Amazed by the joy and promise these children radiate every day, she began sewing clothing for them which celebrated the spirit of childhood. As Pineapple Kiss blossomed into a business, production moved out of this Brookline home and into a factory in Fall River, Massachusetts. However, the line is still conceived and developed by that mom in her home, with her two children by her side, advising her along the way.

At Pineapple Kiss, we believe that childhood is a precious time to be treasured. So why dress children like mini adults? Instead, Pineapple Kiss offers a line of clothing that embodies all of the fun, play, enthusiasm, energy, hopefulness, frivolity, and style of childhood. To that end, we bring together unexpected combinations of color, pattern and texture in well made, durable clothes. Pineapple Kiss delivers stylish clothes that are made to be worn on a regular basis, and then machine washed and worn again. Our clothes aren't faddish, so they won't go quickly out of style – they can be passed down to a sibling or a good friend.

We are continually striving to make our product better, and to meet the needs of parents and children.

A few very nice things about us:

All products are proudly made in the USA, Manufacturing in San Diego, California.
Manufacturing is done by legal workers.
All fabrics are purchased and printed in the USA.
We recommend all products to our friends and family!
We believe in sustainable durable high quality goods.

Let us know what you think. Write to: sales@pineapplekiss.com