James Girone (September, 2003)


Say It with Ruffles: Spring 2004 ENK Show

If fashion is a reflection of the times then the collections shown at the ENK Children's Club held in NYC are right on point. Realists exhibited military inspired collections; optimists showed ruffles galore; and the wish for a simpler life was expressed with vintage prints, skirts made for the dance floor and t-shirts for infants with sayings like "Sleeping through the night" that serve to soothe all generations.


DESIGNER: Diana Cheren Nygren

Sizes: infant-10. Wholesale prices: $9-$29

When I spotted Nygren's collection a few seasons back I had the feeling there was big talent behind her little line. This season confirmed my hunch. Nygren continues to find fabrications in colors and textures that are out of the mainstream, now she's added interesting shapes with back interest, and great skirts that layer one stripe over another and still stay slim and simple.

Outstanding Pieces: The t-shirt printed with a single tulip and layered skirt embellished with a single ruffle. Nygren took pink and orange (still popular, yet not the newest color combination on the market) and gave it fresh appeal with a shot of blue.